News Articles on effort to ensure that the World Trade Center Health Program is Fully Funded

Below are URLs to news stories on the effort to have the World Trade Center Health Program fully funded.

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March 20, 2023 FOX19 NowFamily of Tri-State 9/11 first responder appealing for community’s help

A long-time Hillsboro resident who was a first responder during 9/11 is battling stage 4 lung cancer and he says the medical costs are becoming too much for his family to afford.

March 17, 2023World Trade Center Health ProgramUpdated Coverage for Dental Services and Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance

The World Trade Center (WTC) Health Program has released updated coverage details of the following: dental services, Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS).

March 10, 2023U.S. Department of JusticeJustice Department Announces Allison Turkel as Special Master of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund

Turkel, who has served in the Justice Department for over 14 years, most recently in the Office for Victims of Crime, will assume her new position effective March 12, 2023.

March 6, 2023The HillSome in Congress are forgetting the lingering health issues from the 9/11 attacks

Even 20 years later, the health issues associated with the 9/11 attacks continues to evolve and grow.

March 2, 2023Fox NewsSen. Gillibrand: Changes to 9/11 aid would cover first responders in Pennsylvania and Pentagon

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and Rep. Andrew Garbarino, R-N.Y., join ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto’ to discuss bipartisan efforts to boost 9/11 health program aid.

March 1, 2023Work-BitesNever Forget?!? 9/11 Heroes Are Still Fighting For Healthcare Following Gov’t Lies

New York labor unions are in the forefront of the latest drive to secure permanent funding for the 9/11 World Trade Center Health Program, which is set to run out of funding without Congressional action.

March 1, 2023NY Daily NewsHelp for the 9/11 ailing: Congress can’t stall in passing bill for WTC responders and survivors

There was $1 billion added during the waning moments of last year by Congress, but that only put off the problem for a few years and the cuts now loom in 2027.

February 28, 2023NewsdayWTC Health Program would get $2 billion more under Congress plan

A bipartisan group of lawmakers on Tuesday launched a campaign to pass a bill to cover the rest of the funding needed by the World Trade Center Health Program.

February 28, 2023CBS New YorkLawmakers: Billions in funding needed for WTC Health Program

Billions of dollars in additional funding is needed to keep the World Trade Center Health Program running, according to members of New York and New Jersey Congressional delegation.

February 28, 2023Spectrum News NY1New Yorkers demand more funding for World Trade Center Health Program

New Yorkers are demanding Congress step in with an additional $2 billion in funding, warning services to tens of thousands of people are on the line.

February 28, 2023NY Daily NewsNY lawmakers — Republicans and Democrats — unveil bill to close funding shortfall in 9/11 health program

The bill — meant to cover shortfalls the World Trade Center Health Program is expected to face starting around 2027 — aims to fix a funding formula that has not kept up as higher enrollment and costs surged.

February 28, 2023NewsdayWTC Health Program would get $2 billion more under proposal

A bipartisan group of Senate and House members will launch a campaign to pass a bill to cover the rest of the funding needed by the World Trade Center Health Program.

February 28, 2023Sen. Kirsten GillibrandGillibrand, Schumer, Garbarino, Booker, Menendez, Nadler, D’Esposito, Goldman, IAFF General President Edward Kelly, John Feal And 9/11 Advocates Announce Bipartisan Bill To Close Funding Gap In World Trade Center Health Program

Elected officials were joined by International Association of Fire Fighters General President Edward Kelly, 9/11 advocate John Feal, union representatives of NYPD and FDNY, and other responder and survivor advocates.

February 27, 2023 News12 The BronxNYC 9/11 responders to fight for more funding for World Trade Center Health Program

Several 9/11 first responders from New York City are heading to Washington, D.C. today to fight for more funding for the World Trade Center Health Program.

February 26, 2023News12 The Bronx‘This is our final stand.’ 9/11 first responders advocate for WTC Health Program funding

Two 9/11 first responders from Long Island are heading to Washington, D.C. to fight for more funding for the World Trade Center Health Program.

February 23, 2023SILive.comHe waited years. Now, his wife’s 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund claim deemed eligible for approval

A long journey for closure reached a pivotal step for Alonzo “Lonny” Shockley this week.

February 17, 2023FOX 5 NYCalls for NYC to release information on air quality after 9/11 attacks

Lawmakers have tried and failed before to get these records released starting with the Giuliani administration again with De Blasio’s and now with Mayor Adams.

February 16, 2023Rep. Jerrold NadlerReps. Nadler and Goldman call on NYC Mayor Eric Adams to release Giuliani Administration Records on the City’s Knowledge of the Scope of the Health Threats to 9/11 Responders and Survivors

Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Dan Goldman wrote to Mayor Eric Adams calling for the city to finally release any documents related to 9/11 from September 11, 2001 through the spring of 2002.

February 9, 2023Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU)New Study Seeks to Better Understand Prolonged Grief Disorder in 9/11 Survivors

Data suggest approximately 15% of those bereaved on 9/11 continue to endorse symptoms consistent with PGD, PTSD, and depression.

February 6, 2023 ABC NewsGeorge Santos, who claimed mom survived 9/11, invites ground zero volunteer to SOTU

9/11 has become a point of controversy for Santos as one of several key parts of his biography that have been shown to be false, exaggerated or disputed by other information.

January 24, 2023SILive.comHis wife died of uterine cancer after 9/11. A new rule may offer closure to a long journey

Denise Shockley was less than a mile away from the Twin Towers when they were struck on Sept. 11, 2001.

January 23, 2023NY Daily NewsHealth company for 9/11 first responders still falling short: advocates

The company that took over the contract to treat thousands of ill 9/11 responders around the country is still failing to do the job, advocates charge in a new letter to the firm’s parent company.

January 20, 2023Archives of Environmental and Occupational HealthWorld Trade Center Health Program best practices for diagnosing and treating chronic rhinosinusitis

The most frequent adverse physical health effect among World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP) members is chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS).

January 18, 2023ABC7NY – WABC-TVWorld Trade Center Health Program adds uterine cancer to list of 9/11-related illnesses

This means women who lived, worked or were first responders near Ground Zero can apply for medical coverage and financial compensation.

January 18, 2023Rep. Mikie SherrillRep. Sherrill Applauds World Trade Center Health Program Decision to Add Uterine Cancer to List of Covered Conditions

“I am proud that we are finally fulfilling our promise to 9/11 first responders, including the many women who ran into danger that day and on the days that followed,” said Rep. Sherrill.

January 17, 2023Rutgers UniversityRutgers-Led Effort Gets Uterine Cancer Covered by WTC Health Program

Rutgers researchers and caregivers have helped secure medical coverage and financial compensation for women exposed to Ground Zero who develop uterine cancer.

January 18, 2023CBS News New YorkUterine cancer now covered by World Trade Center Health Program

It took years of advocacy and scientific study for uterine cancer to be added to the coverage list, well after 60 other cancers were covered.

January 17, 2023The BroadsheetIn Memoriam: Kathy Gupta (1950-2023)

This makes her the latest in a succession of community leaders taken by an illness arising from exposure to environmental toxins on September 11, 2001, and in the weeks and months that followed.

January 17, 2023Mount Sinai NewsroomExposure to World Trade Center Dust Exacerbates Cognitive Impairment in an Animal Model of Alzheimer’s

The study suggests a peripheral-brain immune inflammatory “cross-talking” that may increase the likelihood of cognitive decline.

January 17, 2023NJ.comFeds will now provide health coverage to women with 9/11-linked cancer

While women make up about half of those eligible, they account for only 26,125 of the 114,775 members of the 9/11 health program.

January 17, 2023SILive.comUterine cancer recognized as 9/11 illness, widening scope of World Trade Center Health Program

The shift comes after years of advocacy to include various forms of malignant neoplasms that affect the uterus, including the most common form of the disease, endometrium cancer.

January 17, 2023NY Daily NewsUterine cancer officially added to list of 9/11 illnesses: federal officials

The updated rule will add “malignant neoplasms of corpus uteri and uterus (uterine cancer)” to the List of WTC-Related Health Conditions.

January 12, 2023Archives of Environmental & Occupational HealthWorld Trade Center Health Program best practices for the diagnosis and treatment of fibrosing interstitial lung diseases

This brief article summarizes pertinent issues of diagnosis and management of ILDs, applicable to the diverse group of ILDs that have been observed in the WTC Health Program covered population.

January 11, 2023 NJ.comFeds should cover women with 9/11-linked cancer, powerful N.J. congressman says

Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. asked Secretary Xavier Becerra and John Howard, administrator of the World Trade Center Health Program, to quickly add uterine cancer to the list of conditions eligible for treatment.

January 10, 2023NY Daily NewsNew Ground Zero Congressman Dan Goldman vows to win 9/11 health funding after setbacks

The new congressman for Ground Zero is vowing to make sure the 9/11 health program gets its funding problems permanently fixed.

January 10, 2023NJ.comWomen with a 9/11-linked cancer are still waiting for federal benefits

The government’s original reasoning for not including uterine cancer is they didn’t have enough data. But researchers say this is because the data collection for the program systematically overlooked women.

January 6, 2023 Adirondack ExplorerHochul signs bill for 9/11 death benefits to Adirondack officer’s widow

Since June, Shari Raymond, who lives in Thurman in Warren County, has been waiting for Hochul’s signature. It came on Dec. 23, 2022.

January 4, 2023World Trade Center Health ProgramAcupuncture Services Now Covered for Certain Conditions

Acupuncture services now available for coverage include traditional acupuncture with needles. They also include other services involving heat, pressure, friction, suction, and electromagnetic impulses.

January 4, 2023American Journal of Industrial MedicineComparing self-reported obstructive airway disease in firefighters with and without World Trade Center exposure

Compared with the general population, WTC-exposed firefighters had greater odds of both asthma and COPD, while the nonexposed had lower odds of asthma and greater odds of COPD.

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