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September 11, 2023NY Daily NewsCongress isn’t done with 9/11: The World Trade Center Health Program must be fully funded

Down the road medical care for these people will have to be rationed. Should that be our legacy in the years ahead as more and more get sicker and more die?

August 6, 2023NewsdayCongress should fix the 9/11 health fund for good

The four Republicans who voted against the amendment — Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Markwayne Mullin and Tommy Tuberville — all promise year after year to “Never forget.” And yet, they shamefully did.

July 27, 2023NY Daily NewsLaura Kavanagh’s out-of-town call: On WTC Health Program and lithium-ion batteries, Washington has to deliver

Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanagh is on a mission today in Washington to help the injured and dying as well as to prevent more injuries and deaths. She must succeed on both.

May 5, 2023NY Daily NewsCongress must fully fund the health care for 9/11 heroes

It is unconscionable to have to continually seek support from lawmakers outside New York, and beg for funding for this essential, life-saving program, even while the numbers are clear.

April 16, 2023NewsdayMake 9/11 an unforgettable day

Television news doesn’t spend hours covering it. People go about their days, walking past the site, barely stopping to take a moment to remember. The tourists seem to stop for selfies. But remember we must.

March 27, 2023NY Daily NewsAWOL for 9/11 heroes and victims: Congress must fully fund the World Trade Center Health Program

A promise and threat to hound every member of Congress from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut until they sponsor the 9/11 Responder and Survivor Health Funding Correction Act of 2023.

March 1, 2023NY Daily NewsHelp for the 9/11 ailing: Congress can’t stall in passing bill for WTC responders and survivors

There was $1 billion added during the waning moments of last year by Congress, but that only put off the problem for a few years and the cuts now loom in 2027.

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