Editorial Support – 2021

Below are links to editorials in support of injured and ill 9/11 responders, survivors and their families getting the help they need and deserve.

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Sep. 15, 2021New York Daily NewsRescue the heroes: Congress must meet its obligation to those suffering from 9/11 health ailments

No one wants to be in the WTC Health Program; they need to be. There is no choice in battling the cancers and the other killers that are preying on this population.

Sep. 10, 2021 New York Daily NewsSlow-motion murder: 9/11′s forgotten victims are forgotten no more

For far too long, this agony was not believed despite medical proof and a growing roster of the sick and dead.

Sep. 7, 2021New York Daily NewsHonor all 9/11 victims: The number of people suffering with health conditions from the aftermath of the attacks grows and grows

While the money can’t end the suffering and the pain, the dollars put into the health program have greatly proven their value.

Sep. 5, 2021Albany Times-Union 20 years later, 9/11 endures

This anniversary, and the end of a war 9/11 sparked, should be cause for reflection on what we truly want America to be.

Aug. 22, 2021NewsdayNeed funds for 9/11 responders

Twenty years since the Sept. 11 terror attacks, we’re still trying to make sure first responders and other survivors get the health care and compensation they need and deserve.

August 9, 2021New York Daily NewsHelping survivors survive: Congress owes more to those stricken by 9/11-related health problems

The people who rushed to help downtown on that terrible September Tuesday and in the days, weeks and months to follow didn’t do so as Democrats or Republicans, but as Americans.

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