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For complete lists of all Members of Congress and whether or not they have sponsored the 9/11 Responder and Survivor Health Funding Correction Act, click the button for the chamber you wish to view below.

Your Members of Congress are:


Name Party State Sponsor?
Baldwin, Tammy D WI Y Is a sponsor
Barrasso, John R WY NNot a sponsor
Bennet, Michael D CO NNot a sponsor
Blackburn, Marsha R TN NNot a sponsor
Blumenthal, Richard D CT Y Is a sponsor
Blunt, Roy R MO NNot a sponsor
Booker, Cory D NJ Y Is a sponsor
Boozman, John R AR NNot a sponsor
Braun, Mike R IN NNot a sponsor
Brown, Sherrod D OH Y Is a sponsor
Burr, Richard R NC NNot a sponsor
Cantwell, Maria D WA NNot a sponsor
Capito, Shelley R WV NNot a sponsor
Cardin, Benjamin D MD NNot a sponsor
Carper, Thomas D DE NNot a sponsor
Casey, Bob D PA Y Is a sponsor
Cassidy, Bill R LA NNot a sponsor
Collins, Susan R ME NNot a sponsor
Coons, Christopher D DE NNot a sponsor
Cornyn, John R TX NNot a sponsor
Cortez Masto, Catherine D NV NNot a sponsor
Cotton, Tom R AR NNot a sponsor
Cramer, Kevin R ND NNot a sponsor
Crapo, Michael R ID NNot a sponsor
Cruz, Ted R TX NNot a sponsor
Daines, Steve R MT NNot a sponsor
Duckworth, Tammy D IL NNot a sponsor
Durbin, Richard D IL NNot a sponsor
Ernst, Joni R IA NNot a sponsor
Feinstein, Dianne D CA NNot a sponsor
Fischer, Deb R NE NNot a sponsor
Gillibrand, Kirsten D NY Y Is a sponsor
Graham, Lindsey R SC NNot a sponsor
Grassley, Charles R IA NNot a sponsor
Hagerty, Bill R TN NNot a sponsor
Hassan, Margaret D NH NNot a sponsor
Hawley, Joshua R MO NNot a sponsor
Heinrich, Martin D NM NNot a sponsor
Hickenlooper, John D CO NNot a sponsor
Hirono, Mazie D HI NNot a sponsor
Hoeven, John R ND NNot a sponsor
Hyde-Smith, Cindy R MS NNot a sponsor
Inhofe, James R OK NNot a sponsor
Johnson, Ron R WI NNot a sponsor
Kaine, Tim D VA Y Is a sponsor
Kelly, Mark D AZ NNot a sponsor
Kennedy, John R LA NNot a sponsor
King, Angus ID ME NNot a sponsor
Klobuchar, Amy D MN NNot a sponsor
Lankford, James R OK NNot a sponsor
Leahy, Patrick D VT NNot a sponsor
Lee, Mike R UT NNot a sponsor
Luján, Ben D NM NNot a sponsor
Lummis, Cynthia R WY NNot a sponsor
Manchin, Joe D WV NNot a sponsor
Markey, Edward D MA NNot a sponsor
Marshall, Roger R KS NNot a sponsor
McConnell, Mitch R KY NNot a sponsor
Menendez, Robert D NJ Y Is a sponsor
Merkley, Jeff D OR NNot a sponsor
Moran, Jerry R KS NNot a sponsor
Murkowski, Lisa R AK NNot a sponsor
Murphy, Christopher D CT Y Is a sponsor
Murray, Patty D WA NNot a sponsor
Ossoff, Jon D GA NNot a sponsor
Padilla, Alex D CA NNot a sponsor
Paul, Rand R KY NNot a sponsor
Peters, Gary D MI NNot a sponsor
Portman, Rob R OH NNot a sponsor
Reed, Jack D RI Y Is a sponsor
Risch, Jim R ID NNot a sponsor
Romney, Mitt R UT NNot a sponsor
Rosen, Jacky D NV NNot a sponsor
Rounds, Mike R SD NNot a sponsor
Rubio, Marco R FL NNot a sponsor
Sanders, Bernard ID VT NNot a sponsor
Sasse, Ben R NE NNot a sponsor
Schatz, Brian D HI NNot a sponsor
Schumer, Charles D NY Y Is a sponsor
Scott, Rick R FL NNot a sponsor
Scott, Tim R SC NNot a sponsor
Shaheen, Jeanne D NH NNot a sponsor
Shelby, Richard R AL NNot a sponsor
Sinema, Kyrsten D AZ NNot a sponsor
Smith, Tina D MN NNot a sponsor
Stabenow, Debbie D MI NNot a sponsor
Sullivan, Dan R AK NNot a sponsor
Tester, Jon D MT NNot a sponsor
Thune, John R SD NNot a sponsor
Tillis, Thom R NC NNot a sponsor
Toomey, Patrick R PA NNot a sponsor
Tuberville, Tommy R AL NNot a sponsor
Van Hollen, Chris D MD NNot a sponsor
Warner, Mark D VA NNot a sponsor
Warnock, Raphael D GA NNot a sponsor
Warren, Elizabeth D MA NNot a sponsor
Whitehouse, Sheldon D RI NNot a sponsor
Wicker, Roger R MS NNot a sponsor
Wyden, Ron D OR NNot a sponsor
Young, Todd R IN NNot a sponsor


Name Party State District Cosponsor?
Adams, Alma D NC 12 Y Yes
Aderholt, Robert R AL 4 NNo
Aguilar, Pete D CA 31 Y Yes
Allen, Rick R GA 12 NNo
Allred, Colin D TX 32 NNo
Amodei, Mark R NV 2 NNo
Armstrong, Kelly R ND At-Large NNo
Arrington, Jodey R TX 19 NNo
Auchincloss, Jake D MA 4 NNo
Axne, Cynthia D IA 3 NNo
Babin, Brian R TX 36 NNo
Bacon, Don R NE 2 Y Yes
Baird, James R IN 4 NNo
Balderson, Troy R OH 12 NNo
Banks, Jim R IN 3 NNo
Barr, Andy R KY 6 NNo
Barragán, Nanette D CA 44 NNo
Bass, Karen D CA 37 Y Yes
Beatty, Joyce D OH 3 NNo
Bentz, Cliff R OR 2 NNo
Bera, Ami D CA 7 NNo
Bergman, Jack R MI 1 NNo
Beyer, Donald D VA 8 NNo
Bice, Stephanie R OK 5 NNo
Biggs, Andy R AZ 5 NNo
Bilirakis, Gus R FL 12 NNo
Bishop, Sanford D GA 2 NNo
Bishop, Dan R NC 9 NNo
Blumenauer, Earl D OR 3 NNo
Blunt Rochester, Lisa D DE At-Large Y Yes
Boebert, Lauren R CO 3 NNo
Bonamici, Suzanne D OR 1 Y Yes
Bost, Mike R IL 12 NNo
Bourdeaux, Carolyn D GA 7 NNo
Bowman, Jamaal D NY 16 Y Yes
Boyle, Brendan D PA 2 NNo
Brady, Kevin R TX 8 NNo
Brooks, Mo R AL 5 NNo
Brown, Shontel D OH 11 NNo
Brown, Anthony D MD 4 NNo
Brownley, Julia D CA 26 NNo
Buchanan, Vern R FL 16 NNo
Buck, Ken R CO 4 NNo
Bucshon, Larry R IN 8 NNo
Budd, Ted R NC 13 NNo
Burchett, Tim R TN 2 NNo
Burgess, Michael R TX 26 NNo
Bush, Cori D MO 1 NNo
Bustos, Cheri D IL 17 NNo
Butterfield, G. D NC 1 NNo
Calvert, Ken R CA 42 NNo
Cammack, Kat R FL 3 NNo
Carbajal, Salud D CA 24 NNo
Cárdenas, Tony D CA 29 Y Yes
Carey, Mike R OH 15 NNo
Carl, Jerry R AL 1 NNo
Carson, André D IN 7 NNo
Carter, Troy D LA 2 NNo
Carter, Buddy R GA 1 NNo
Carter, John R TX 31 NNo
Cartwright, Matt D PA 8 NNo
Case, Ed D HI 1 NNo
Casten, Sean D IL 6 Y Yes
Castor, Kathy D FL 14 Y Yes
Castro, Joaquín D TX 20 NNo
Cawthorn, Madison R NC 11 Y Yes
Chabot, Steven R OH 1 NNo
Cheney, Liz R WY At-Large NNo
Cherfilus-McCormick, Sheila D FL 20 NNo
Chu, Judy D CA 27 Y Yes
Cicilline, David D RI 1 Y Yes
Clark, Katherine D MA 5 NNo
Clarke, Yvette D NY 9 Y Yes
Cleaver, Emanuel D MO 5 NNo
Cline, Ben R VA 6 NNo
Cloud, Michael R TX 27 NNo
Clyburn, James D SC 6 NNo
Clyde, Andrew R GA 9 NNo
Cohen, Steve D TN 9 Y Yes
Cole, Tom R OK 4 NNo
Comer, James R KY 1 NNo
Connolly, Gerald D VA 11 NNo
Conway, Connie R CA 22 NNo
Cooper, Jim D TN 5 Y Yes
Correa, J. D CA 46 NNo
Costa, Jim D CA 16 Y Yes
Courtney, Joe D CT 2 Y Yes
Craig, Angie D MN 2 NNo
Crawford, Rick R AR 1 NNo
Crenshaw, Dan R TX 2 NNo
Crist, Charlie D FL 13 Y Yes
Crow, Jason D CO 6 NNo
Cuellar, Henry D TX 28 Y Yes
Curtis, John R UT 3 NNo
Davids, Sharice D KS 3 NNo
Davidson, Warren R OH 8 NNo
Davis, Rodney R IL 13 Y Yes
Davis, Danny D IL 7 Y Yes
Dean, Madeleine D PA 4 Y Yes
DeFazio, Peter D OR 4 NNo
DeGette, Diana D CO 1 Y Yes
DeLauro, Rosa D CT 3 Y Yes
DelBene, Suzan D WA 1 NNo
Demings, Val D FL 10 Y Yes
DeSaulnier, Mark D CA 11 Y Yes
DesJarlais, Scott R TN 4 NNo
Deutch, Ted D FL 22 Y Yes
Diaz-Balart, Mario R FL 25 NNo
Dingell, Debbie D MI 12 NNo
Doggett, Lloyd D TX 35 NNo
Donalds, Byron R FL 19 NNo
Doyle, Mike D PA 18 NNo
Duncan, Jeffrey R SC 3 NNo
Dunn, Neal R FL 2 NNo
Ellzey, Jake R TX 6 NNo
Emmer, Tom R MN 6 NNo
Escobar, Veronica D TX 16 NNo
Eshoo, Anna D CA 18 NNo
Espaillat, Adriano D NY 13 Y Yes
Estes, Ron R KS 4 NNo
Evans, Dwight D PA 3 NNo
Fallon, Pat R TX 4 NNo
Feenstra, Randy R IA 4 NNo
Ferguson, A. R GA 3 NNo
Fernandez, Teresa D NM 3 NNo
Fischbach, Michelle R MN 7 NNo
Fitzgerald, Scott R WI 5 NNo
Fitzpatrick, Brian R PA 1 Y Yes
Fleischmann, Chuck R TN 3 NNo
Fletcher, Lizzie D TX 7 NNo
Flores, Mayra R TX 34 NNo
Foster, Bill D IL 11 NNo
Foxx, Virginia R NC 5 NNo
Frankel, Lois D FL 21 Y Yes
Franklin, Scott R FL 15 NNo
Fulcher, Russ R ID 1 NNo
Gaetz, Matt R FL 1 NNo
Gallagher, Mike R WI 8 NNo
Gallego, Ruben D AZ 7 NNo
Garamendi, John D CA 3 NNo
Garbarino, Andrew R NY 2 Y Yes
Garcia, Mike R CA 25 NNo
García, Jesús D IL 4 NNo
Garcia, Sylvia D TX 29 NNo
Gibbs, Bob R OH 7 NNo
Giménez, Carlos R FL 26 NNo
Gohmert, Louie R TX 1 NNo
Golden, Jared D ME 2 NNo
Gomez, Jimmy D CA 34 NNo
Gonzales, Tony R TX 23 NNo
Gonzalez, Vicente D TX 15 NNo
Gonzalez, Anthony R OH 16 NNo
González-Colón, Jenniffer R PR At-Large NNo
Good, Robert R VA 5 NNo
Gooden, Lance R TX 5 NNo
Gosar, Paul R AZ 4 NNo
Gottheimer, Josh D NJ 5 Y Yes
Granger, Kay R TX 12 NNo
Graves, Garret R LA 6 NNo
Graves, Sam R MO 6 NNo
Green, Mark R TN 7 NNo
Green, Al D TX 9 NNo
Greene, Marjorie R GA 14 NNo
Griffith, Morgan R VA 9 NNo
Grijalva, Raúl D AZ 3 NNo
Grothman, Glenn R WI 6 NNo
Guest, Michael R MS 3 NNo
Guthrie, Brett R KY 2 NNo
Harder, Josh D CA 10 NNo
Harris, Andy R MD 1 NNo
Harshbarger, Diana R TN 1 NNo
Hartzler, Vicky R MO 4 NNo
Hayes, Jahana D CT 5 Y Yes
Hern, Kevin R OK 1 NNo
Herrell, Yvette R NM 2 NNo
Herrera Beutler, Jaime R WA 3 NNo
Hice, Jody R GA 10 NNo
Higgins, Brian D NY 26 Y Yes
Higgins, Clay R LA 3 NNo
Hill, French R AR 2 NNo
Himes, Jim D CT 4 Y Yes
Hinson, Ashley R IA 1 NNo
Hollingsworth, Trey R IN 9 NNo
Horsford, Steven D NV 4 NNo
Houlahan, Chrissy D PA 6 Y Yes
Hoyer, Steny D MD 5 NNo
Hudson, Richard R NC 8 NNo
Huffman, Jared D CA 2 NNo
Huizenga, Bill R MI 2 NNo
Issa, Darrell R CA 50 NNo
Jackson, Ronny R TX 13 NNo
Jackson Lee, Sheila D TX 18 NNo
Jacobs, Sara D CA 53 NNo
Jacobs, Chris R NY 27 Y Yes
Jayapal, Pramila D WA 7 NNo
Jeffries, Hakeem D NY 8 Y Yes
Johnson, Hank D GA 4 NNo
Johnson, Eddie D TX 30 Y Yes
Johnson, Mike R LA 4 NNo
Johnson, Bill R OH 6 NNo
Johnson, Dusty R SD At-Large NNo
Jones, Mondaire D NY 17 Y Yes
Jordan, Jim R OH 4 NNo
Joyce, John R PA 13 NNo
Joyce, Dave R OH 14 Y Yes
Kahele, Kaialiʻi D HI 2 NNo
Kaptur, Marcy D OH 9 NNo
Katko, John R NY 24 Y Yes
Keating, Bill D MA 9 Y Yes
Keller, Fred R PA 12 NNo
Kelly, Robin D IL 2 NNo
Kelly, Mike R PA 16 NNo
Kelly, Trent R MS 1 NNo
Khanna, Ro D CA 17 NNo
Kildee, Dan D MI 5 NNo
Kilmer, Derek D WA 6 NNo
Kim, Andy D NJ 3 Y Yes
Kim, Young R CA 39 NNo
Kind, Ron D WI 3 NNo
Kinzinger, Adam R IL 16 NNo
Kirkpatrick, Ann D AZ 2 NNo
Krishnamoorthi, Raja D IL 8 NNo
Kuster, Ann D NH 2 NNo
Kustoff, David R TN 8 NNo
LaHood, Darin R IL 18 NNo
LaMalfa, Doug R CA 1 NNo
Lamb, Conor D PA 17 NNo
Lamborn, Doug R CO 5 NNo
Langevin, Jim D RI 2 NNo
Larsen, Rick D WA 2 NNo
Larson, John D CT 1 Y Yes
Latta, Robert R OH 5 NNo
LaTurner, Jake R KS 2 NNo
Lawrence, Brenda D MI 14 NNo
Lawson, Al D FL 5 Y Yes
Lee, Barbara D CA 13 Y Yes
Lee, Susie D NV 3 NNo
Lesko, Debbie R AZ 8 NNo
Letlow, Julia R LA 5 NNo
Levin, Mike D CA 49 NNo
Levin, Andy D MI 9 NNo
Lieu, Ted D CA 33 Y Yes
Lofgren, Zoe D CA 19 NNo
Long, Billy R MO 7 NNo
Loudermilk, Barry R GA 11 NNo
Lowenthal, Alan D CA 47 NNo
Lucas, Frank R OK 3 NNo
Luetkemeyer, Blaine R MO 3 NNo
Luria, Elaine D VA 2 NNo
Lynch, Stephen D MA 8 Y Yes
Mace, Nancy R SC 1 NNo
Malinowski, Tom D NJ 7 Y Yes
Malliotakis, Nicole R NY 11 Y Yes
Maloney, Sean D NY 18 Y Yes
Maloney, Carolyn D NY 12 Y Yes
Mann, Tracey R KS 1 NNo
Manning, Kathy D NC 6 NNo
Massie, Thomas R KY 4 NNo
Mast, Brian R FL 18 NNo
Matsui, Doris D CA 6 NNo
McBath, Lucy D GA 6 NNo
McCarthy, Kevin R CA 23 NNo
McCaul, Michael R TX 10 NNo
McClain, Lisa R MI 10 NNo
McClintock, Tom R CA 4 NNo
McCollum, Betty D MN 4 Y Yes
McEachin, A. D VA 4 NNo
McGovern, Jim D MA 2 NNo
McHenry, Patrick R NC 10 NNo
McKinley, David R WV 1 Y Yes
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy R WA 5 NNo
McNerney, Jerry D CA 9 NNo
Meeks, Gregory D NY 5 Y Yes
Meijer, Peter R MI 3 NNo
Meng, Grace D NY 6 Y Yes
Meuser, Daniel R PA 9 Y Yes
Mfume, Kweisi D MD 7 NNo
Miller, Mary R IL 15 NNo
Miller, Carol R WV 3 NNo
Miller-Meeks, Mariannette R IA 2 NNo
Moolenaar, John R MI 4 NNo
Mooney, Alex R WV 2 NNo
Moore, Blake R UT 1 NNo
Moore, Gwen D WI 4 NNo
Moore, Barry R AL 2 NNo
Morelle, Joe D NY 25 Y Yes
Moulton, Seth D MA 6 NNo
Mrvan, Frank D IN 1 NNo
Mullin, Markwayne R OK 2 NNo
Murphy, Greg R NC 3 NNo
Murphy, Stephanie D FL 7 Y Yes
Nadler, Jerrold D NY 10 Y Yes
Napolitano, Grace D CA 32 Y Yes
Neal, Richard D MA 1 NNo
Neguse, Joe D CO 2 NNo
Nehls, Troy R TX 22 NNo
Newhouse, Dan R WA 4 NNo
Newman, Marie D IL 3 NNo
Norcross, Donald D NJ 1 Y Yes
Norman, Ralph R SC 5 NNo
Norton, Eleanor D DC At-Large Y Yes
O'Halleran, Tom D AZ 1 NNo
Obernolte, Jay R CA 8 NNo
Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria D NY 14 Y Yes
Omar, Ilhan D MN 5 NNo
Owens, Burgess R UT 4 NNo
Palazzo, Steven R MS 4 NNo
Pallone, Frank D NJ 6 NNo
Palmer, Gary R AL 6 NNo
Panetta, Jimmy D CA 20 NNo
Pappas, Chris D NH 1 NNo
Pascrell, Bill D NJ 9 Y Yes
Payne, Donald D NJ 10 Y Yes
Pelosi, Nancy D CA 12 NNo
Pence, Greg R IN 6 NNo
Perlmutter, Ed D CO 7 NNo
Perry, Scott R PA 10 NNo
Peters, Scott D CA 52 NNo
Pfluger, August R TX 11 NNo
Phillips, Dean D MN 3 NNo
Pingree, Chellie D ME 1 NNo
Plaskett, Stacey D VI At-Large NNo
Pocan, Mark D WI 2 NNo
Porter, Katie D CA 45 NNo
Posey, Bill R FL 8 NNo
Pressley, Ayanna D MA 7 NNo
Price, David D NC 4 NNo
Quigley, Mike D IL 5 NNo
Radewagen, Amata R AS At-Large NNo
Raskin, Jamie D MD 8 NNo
Reschenthaler, Guy R PA 14 NNo
Rice, Kathleen D NY 4 Y Yes
Rice, Tom R SC 7 NNo
Rogers, Mike R AL 3 NNo
Rogers, Harold R KY 5 NNo
Rose, John R TN 6 NNo
Rosendale, Matt R MT At-Large NNo
Ross, Deborah D NC 2 Y Yes
Rouzer, David R NC 7 NNo
Roy, Chip R TX 21 NNo
Roybal-Allard, Lucille D CA 40 NNo
Ruiz, Raul D CA 36 NNo
Ruppersberger, C.A. Dutch D MD 2 NNo
Rush, Bobby D IL 1 NNo
Rutherford, John R FL 4 NNo
Ryan, Tim D OH 13 NNo
Sablan, Gregorio D MP At-Large NNo
Salazar, Maria R FL 27 NNo
San Nicolas, Michael D GU At-Large NNo
Sánchez, Linda D CA 38 NNo
Sarbanes, John D MD 3 NNo
Scalise, Steve R LA 1 NNo
Scanlon, Mary D PA 5 Y Yes
Schakowsky, Jan D IL 9 NNo
Schiff, Adam D CA 28 NNo
Schneider, Brad D IL 10 NNo
Schrader, Kurt D OR 5 NNo
Schrier, Kim D WA 8 NNo
Schweikert, David R AZ 6 NNo
Scott, David D GA 13 NNo
Scott, Robert D VA 3 NNo
Scott, Austin R GA 8 NNo
Sessions, Pete R TX 17 NNo
Sewell, Terri D AL 7 Y Yes
Sherman, Brad D CA 30 NNo
Sherrill, Mikie D NJ 11 Y Yes
Simpson, Mike R ID 2 NNo
Sires, Albio D NJ 8 Y Yes
Slotkin, Elissa D MI 8 NNo
Smith, Jason R MO 8 NNo
Smith, Adrian R NE 3 NNo
Smith, Adam D WA 9 NNo
Smith, Christopher R NJ 4 Y Yes
Smucker, Lloyd R PA 11 NNo
Soto, Darren D FL 9 Y Yes
Spanberger, Abigail D VA 7 NNo
Spartz, Victoria R IN 5 NNo
Speier, Jackie D CA 14 NNo
Stansbury, Melanie D NM 1 NNo
Stanton, Greg D AZ 9 NNo
Stauber, Pete R MN 8 NNo
Steel, Michelle R CA 48 NNo
Stefanik, Elise R NY 21 Y Yes
Steil, Bryan R WI 1 NNo
Steube, Greg R FL 17 NNo
Stevens, Haley D MI 11 NNo
Stewart, Chris R UT 2 NNo
Strickland, Marilyn D WA 10 NNo
Suozzi, Thomas D NY 3 Y Yes
Swalwell, Eric D CA 15 NNo
Takano, Mark D CA 41 NNo
Taylor, Van R TX 3 NNo
Tenney, Claudia R NY 22 Y Yes
Thompson, Mike D CA 5 NNo
Thompson, Glenn R PA 15 NNo
Thompson, Bennie D MS 2 NNo
Tiffany, Tom R WI 7 NNo
Timmons, William R SC 4 NNo
Titus, Dina D NV 1 NNo
Tlaib, Rashida D MI 13 NNo
Tonko, Paul D NY 20 Y Yes
Torres, Norma D CA 35 NNo
Torres, Ritchie D NY 15 Y Yes
Trahan, Lori D MA 3 NNo
Trone, David D MD 6 Y Yes
Turner, Michael R OH 10 NNo
Underwood, Lauren D IL 14 NNo
Upton, Fred R MI 6 NNo
Valadao, David R CA 21 NNo
Van Drew, Jefferson R NJ 2 Y Yes
Van Duyne, Beth R TX 24 NNo
Vargas, Juan D CA 51 NNo
Veasey, Marc D TX 33 NNo
Velázquez, Nydia D NY 7 Y Yes
Wagner, Ann R MO 2 NNo
Walberg, Tim R MI 7 NNo
Walorski, Jackie R IN 2 NNo
Waltz, Michael R FL 6 NNo
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D FL 23 NNo
Waters, Maxine D CA 43 NNo
Watson Coleman, Bonnie D NJ 12 Y Yes
Weber, Randy R TX 14 NNo
Webster, Daniel R FL 11 NNo
Welch, Peter D VT At-Large NNo
Wenstrup, Brad R OH 2 NNo
Westerman, Bruce R AR 4 NNo
Wexton, Jennifer D VA 10 NNo
Wild, Susan D PA 7 Y Yes
Williams, Roger R TX 25 NNo
Williams, Nikema D GA 5 NNo
Wilson, Frederica D FL 24 NNo
Wilson, Joe R SC 2 NNo
Wittman, Robert R VA 1 NNo
Womack, Steve R AR 3 NNo
Yarmuth, John D KY 3 Y Yes
Zeldin, Lee R NY 1 Y Yes

Last Modified: August 12, 2015