Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act Hail Chairman Upton’s and Subcommittee Chairman Pitts’s Commitment to Reauthorize WTC Health Program


Posted: June 12, 2015


Benjamin Chevat

WASHNGTON — Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act hailed House Energy and Commerce Chairman Upton (R- MI) and Health Subcommittee Chairman Pitts (R-PA) on their commitment to reauthorize the World Trade Center Health Program.

At the legislative hearing they conducted yesterday, the first to be held by Congress on HR 1786, the bipartisan “James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act,” Chairman Fred Upton and Subcommittee Chairman Joe Pitts both committed to the reauthorization of the World Trade Center Health Program, and the continuation of its services to its 70,000 participants across the country, providing medical monitoring and treatment to World Trade Center responders and survivors and responders to the Pentagon and the Shanksville crash site.

“On behalf of thousands of injured and ill 9/11 responders and survivors we want to thank Chairman Upton and Subcommittee Chair Pitts for their strong commitment to ensuring the health of those who are depending on the program to keep them alive and help them manage their often chronic and disabling illnesses.

“As the testimony at the Committee’s hearing clearly showed the WTC Health Program is helping those with the complex illnesses caused by 9/11 manage the effects of their illnesses and in many cases, is keeping them alive.

“Both Mr. Upton and Mr. Pitts should be commended for their support for renewal of the Zadroga Act. We urge all responders and survivors to thank them–clearly they have not forgotten 9/11.

“We look forward to seeing the same level of commitment from the House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over the extension and full funding of the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund, the companion program in the Zadroga Act. Currently, the Fund will close its doors to new claims on October 3rd 2016 and thousands of compensation decisions that have already been made are expected to be cut–by perhaps as much as 50%– unless Congress acts.”

Citizens for the Extension of the James Zadroga Act is a coalition of advocates who are working to make sure that Washington does the right thing and renews and extends the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.  More than 30,000 sick and injured 9/11 responders and survivors depend on the medical treatment and the compensation programs provided by this law.

Below you can view both Chairmen Upton’s and Pitts’s statements.

Here is an excerpt from Chairman Fred Upton:

“The bill needs to be passed and I will look to consider every effort to make sure that we get it to the House floor prior to the end of September so that we’ll have an opportunity to make sure that these victims are taken care of.”

You can view it here:  

Here is an excerpt from Subcommittee Chair Rep. Joe Pitts:

“Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience and your excellent testimony. The committee will take up this legislation, I assure you, and act on it and you performed a public service by being here today.”

You can view it here:

Read the Committee Press Release here:

Watch all the Hearing here:

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